Ionic Breeze, Ionizer Air Purifiers, Ionic Pro

Our professional air purifiers are specially designed to improve the quality of your indoor air. Whether you are looking for a home air purifier, an office air purifier, or even an air purifier for the job site, we have a professional air purifier that is right for you. Ionizer air purifiers help to settle dust. The Living Air Ionic Breeze is an affordable air purifier. Buy one for every room! Our Living Air Ionic Pro is an affordable mid range air purifier.

Hepa Air Purifier, Air Purifier, Air Cleaner

The professional Hepa air purifiers eliminate smoke odors, control pet dander, kill germs and other air born pollutants, significantly helps the relief of allergies and helps to settle the dust in the air. Professional air purifiers help keep your air cleaner by removing airborne pollutants, settling dust, removing pet dander and eliminating odors.